Having established an Esthetic and Hairstyling salon since 1980, several products were available to purchase. However, all were chemically induced. There was nothing on the market which was natural, pure and clean. To make matters worse, I worked on several gel, acrylic and fibre­glass nails which started to cause health problems.

     After a brief break from the business, I needed to do what I loved the most and that was to be in the beauty field. This time though, it was to search out the most natural products available that would not cause health problems. Still, with much searching, their claimed “natural products” on the market still they had chemicals in them.

     We all want to enhance our natural beauty, but never realize what we are doing to ourselves by using chemicals on our skin.

     As the planet becomes more environmentally friendly, and the internet at your finger tips, research became much easier for a cleaner product.

     After much research, I decided to take matters into my own hands and create products that were ‘truly’ natural, at a fair price.

     Thus, Teja-lee products were created. As more key ingredients become available, more products will be developed. Now the option is here for clean, pure products.

     Also to enhance the look, one of a kind jewellery pieces were created. With every $30.00 make-up purchase, a FREE bracelet will be sent with your order.

     I will look forward to your comments and opinions on our product line.

     Thank you for viewing our products.
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